Eoin Ó Súilleabháin

Eoin Ó Súilleabháin is Nóirín’s eldest son. Growing up in a musical family, Eoin heard the sounds of his mother and the compositions of his father as an infant. He has also been singing Sacred song all his life. At the age of 11, Eoin was singing Plain Chant with the Monks at Glenstal Abbey and in 2003 sang with the Monks and Nóirín on the album ‘Biscantorat’. This however, is not the only genre that Eoin himself is accomplished in. He is a member of size2shoes, along with his brother Mícheal: an acoustic and pop group currently working on their own material. It is also noteworthy, and astonishing that such a young man could have so much experience in the music field on as many levels as Eoin has. In 2005, he became director of the Sionna Festival, and held the post for another year.

For the first eight years of his life, Eoin lived in Glanmire in Cork before moving to Murroe, the village home to Glenstal Abbey, in 1988. In 1993, the family then moved to the beautiful County Tipperary. Although Eoin plays some piano and guitar, he has always been intrigued by the voice, his first instrument. His father always brought different types of music into the house. Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, known for his compositions and as a master of the piano, was influenced by musics from far and wide, including India and Sweden, as well as his homeland’s historical, cultural musics.

Aged twenty-eight, Eoin holds a Degree in Philosophy at University College Dublin, and a Masters Degree in Peace Studies from the University of Limerick (UL). The subject of his research was towards an understanding of the cultural, political and spiritual implications of global migration, particularly in Ireland. His time at UL was fruitful: he and his fellow students founded the ‘Peace Society’, and raised over €40,000 for various charities, travelling to wherever the charity was to pass on the donations raised from dedication.

In 2005, Eoin was the orchestral manager for the World Youth Orchestra in Rome, and toured with them through Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jordan and Amman. When the WYO performed, and was joined by one of the vocalists, they succeeded in having the people of Palestine and Israel join in – his mission. “Music bring people together.”

Eoin has already had success, there is no word great enough to describe what the future holds for this singer and modern renaissance man.

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