Nóirín on MySpace / Autobiography now in Australia

January 09th 2010

Nóirín is now on MySpace! We are deciding which tracks to add, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment on the new profile.

Nóirín’s autobiography, ‘Listen with the Ear of the Heart’ is now available worldwide in hardback and paperback. We hope you enjoy the book, and that you can relate to certain aspects of it. Nóirín’s personal account of her life has been a lifetime in the making; from her first time hearing the Monks of Glenstal Abbey to being told by Pilib Ó Laoghaire that she had to sing rather than study law, the autobiography is a stunning account of one singer’s journey through this world. You can read a chapter over at Veritas.ie or buy/preview the book at the following stores:

Ireland: Hardback
UK: Hardback
US: Hardback
AUS: Paperback


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