To all who have written…

November 10th 2009

A chroíthe,
Thank you so much to everyone who has written to me over the past few weeks about ‘Listen with the Ear of the Heart’. I felt so vulnerable and fragile beforehand. It is so different to the experience of birthing a sound recording of singing. Yes, there is a nervousness too around that but you are still protected by a shroud of anonymity which expressing yourself verbally has no such shelter. So, although the tender, unprotected apprehensions never let up and wane, your true responses touched me deeply and will forever sing in my heart’s ear.

I want, in humility, to share with you just one of these moments with you.

Libby Hart is a beautiful, young, gifted Australian poet whom I met when we both shared a residency in Annaghmakerrig artist’s retreat in September 2008. I was in the throes of writing LEH and although we did not share that much time or thoughts together, somehow there was a bond of previous, mysterious connection between us.

Off she went on line and ordered her book. I quote some few fragments from a very rich, inspired tightly typed four pages which arrived here by post one glorious Autumn morning last week and was carefully folded into an exquisite Japanese kimono design card of a flock of swans winging their way over land and sea.

Even this image sang to me and I knew that this gosling in me was now a fully fledged swan, ‘with long legs and sturdy feet’ and with no choice but to keep flying!

“Where do I begin? ‘Listen with the Ear of the Heart’ is a glorious book. I walked around absent-mindedly during the days I was reading it because your words and ideas stayed so vividly with me… It is now well and truly out in the world, but it has long, elegant legs and sturdy feet. It stands so tall. It is a vision, both rare and graceful. Full of spirit and Spirit. Full of love and compassion. Full of sound and full of silences – both sacred and tender. ‘Listen’ is so full of life and of wit. I laughed. I cried. I was profoundly inspired. I shall always sing its praises. You have written something truly magnificent.’ L. xo”

What a relief each of your words have been.

Nóirín Ní Riain


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